Sydney Height

Sydney is a freelance illustrator that specializes in creating character art full of color and detail. She loves exploring multiple fields of the art some of which is digital and design! Whether it be with a new art style, mixed-media, or coloring style; with every creation, she strives for her next piece to be better than her last.

Feel free to contact me through any of these platforms. Discord, Twitter and Email are most preferred.

Commission Information

Terms of Use

  • I, the artist, will retain all rights to any drawing I create for you. I also retain the right to refuse the commission depending on subject matter.

  • I will be using the image I create for you for my personal porfolio. If you want your image to remain unpublished until a certain date, make sure to let me know.

  • You, the client, have exclusive right to use any commissioned work for non-commercial projects; the images I make for you are yours and yours only to use. However, you are not allowed to edit my work in any way, and reposts may only be made with proper credit and reference. If you wish to use your image for commercial purposes we can discuss the costs and the image will be yours to use with credit.

  • You will credit me as either Othellophi or Sydney Height when referring to my work and include a link to my website or this carrd website.

Here you will find all the details regarding my services, pricing and examples! The chart below will give you a basic overview of what I offer at a glance. If you would like to see more details regarding what you receive with each price, continue to scroll!

Preferred Payment is Paypal

Contact via Discord is preferred!
[email protected]

Commission TypeSketchFlat ColorCellShadedRendered
Waist up$35$40$55$70
Illustration---Base Price $250~
Add ons:    
Extra Detail$20$30$40$50
Extra CharacterPrice x2   



Waist Up

Full Body